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Easy breakfast with pork

Original Arepa filled with egg, shredded pork, avocado, salt and pepper. It's a great breakfast option, full of flavor! It will leave you satisfied and give you the energy needed for the day.


Green chile Arepa with charcuterie

This is a green chile arepa with hot sopressata salami and pickled red yellow peppers with a little oregano. The combination will make you smile all day.


Shrimp Arepa

Arugula and avocado go well with shrimp. All you will need to do is heat up the arepa according to the instructions and fill it with this delicious filling.


Chipotle chicken Arepa

If you like to eat sweet and salty,  this will be your  favorite. This cheese arepa is stuffed with shredded chicken in a chipotle sauce, soft back beans and sweet plantain. So delicious!

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